09/06/11 Cleveland Balloon Club 1932-1939
The following pictures have been provided to gasballooning.net  by Michael Fairbanks and his sister Antonica. They are a fascinating look at gas ballooning in the USA from the early 1930 - 1939.

The people in these pictures are leaders in the balloon community.  Their efforts helped seed the interest in gas ballooning in the USA.   The helped found what is now the Balloon Federation of America. We are very grateful that the Fairbanks family is allowing us to share these pictures with you. 

The Cleveland Balloon Club was officially founded on January 19, 1932 when the members of the club purchased their first balloon from the US Navy.  It was 80,000 cubic feet and was purchased as military surplus for $200.00.  The clubs founding members were Mr. Tony Fairbanks,  Mr. Milford F.Vanik and Mr. George Hineman, JD. Harshorne, and H.K. Daniels.  The club had two sets of brothers Milford and George Vanik and Tony and Edmund Fairbanks.

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Tony Fairbanks

Milford Vanik and Tony Fairbanks preparing for a Grudge balloon race in Aug. 1936

Cleveland Balloon Club

US Navy Balloon purchased by the club for $200.

Tony Fairbanks installing a valve prior to a midnight launch.

Examining homing pigeons used to report balloon locations at landing.

National Balloon Race in 1936

Edmund Fairbanks - Tony's brother getting ready to fly.

Milford and Tony posing with Ms. Great Lakes in Akron Colorado.