It's Human Nature to want to be part of something!

People are constantly looking for ways to participate and be part of a group, a project, a cause,  they find meaningful.  It is something that provides the person with  personal satisfaction, growth or challenge and fills some type of void that we feel from time to time.  It keeps us focused and moving forward.

Ballooning provides that something for me.  I have been involved with the sport of ballooning since 1988.  I have hundreds of flight hours in both hot air and gas balloons. I was originally attracted to balloons because of the color, the size, the majesty of the balloons.  Over time the real attraction of the sport is the people. It is a social sport.   I have some of the closest friends I have ever made as a result of this sport.  It is why I have stayed involved for more than 20 years.  I have many other interest but flying balloons keeps me coming back.  It still provides new learning opportunities and challenges for me while keeping involved with my friends and the community.

If you are involved in ballooning then you know that it is a sport that is beautiful, amazing, and challenging.  In my opinion it is one of gods finest gifts to man.

This site is the result of the learning opportunity gas ballooning has afforded me.  I hope to help others learn about this exciting area of the sport.  Knowledge is power!  I hope to encourage other in the sport to learn about gas ballooning and  become involved!               

                                                                                            Soft Landing!

                                                                                             Brian Critelli




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