Chapter 18 - 1929


9 Balloons Start From St. Louis In Bennett Race – Moderate Winds Reduce the Chances of Breaking Records for Distance – Adverse Weather in Path – Contestants Install Radios in Bags Before Take-Off – By The AP – St Louis, September 28


Nine balloons ascended here this afternoon in the eighteenth international race for the James Gordon Bennett Trophy. Flags of six nations were represented by the bags that began their departure at 4 pm.

The pilot balloon, carrying Captain H.E. Honeywell and three passengers, sailed soon after 3 o’clock. Honeywell said he would fly only a few hours and give the other balloonists an indication of the air currents near by. He landed in three hours at Lambert-St Louis Field, twenty miles distant. Captain Honeywell was accompanied by his daughter, Mrs Carl F. Brown, of Evansville, Indiana, and H.E. Doerr and Arthur Hoskins, both of St Louis.


List of Entrants

The order of the take-off was:


Radios Installed by All


All of the contestants decided this afternoon to have radios installed in their baskets.

Lieutenant Hankins, of Scott Field, Illinois, in charge of the station, said the balloons will be taken in the general direction of Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio. The weather will be cooler tonight with increasing cloudiness.

Lieutenant Hankins, said the chances for the balloons to break distance records are few because of the moderate winds. The radio will broadcast weather reports to the balloons as they soar to unknown destinations.


U.S. Balloons In Lead as Last Racer Lands - Belgian Entry Down in Indiana, 230 Miles From St Louis Starting Point - By The Associated Press - ST LOUIS, September 30 –


Captain Ernest Demuyter, winner of four James Gordon Bennett races and only balloonist personally to win permanent possession of the trophy, failed in his quest for his fifth victory when he landed at 8 o'clock last night at Corydon, Ind., 230 miles from this city, where the eighteenth renewal of the international classic started Saturday.

His balloon, The Belgica was the last of the nine entrants to be reported down and left the three American entrants first, second and third, with the winner to be decided between Ward T. Van Orman, pilot of the Goodyear VIII, and twice winner of the race, and Captain William E. Kepner, pilot of the United States Army balloon and last year's victor. On unofficial measurement, Van Orman held a lead of a few miles, as was the case last year when Kepner was reported second to Dr. Hugo Keulen Jr, German balloonist and entrant again this year, only to win on official distances.

The Denmark, piloted by Lieutenant George Schenstrom, landed late yesterday five miles southeast of Bedford, Ind. Reports of its landing were not received until today.

Captain H. E. Honeywell, veteran St. Louis balloonist, left today for Terre Haute, Ind., as official representative of the St. Louis Air Board to render any assistance possible to Eduardo Bradley, pilot of the Argentine. Bradley's leg was broken in landing near there. –